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Last Cup of Coffee

Last Cup of Coffee
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Boggles my mind that I am the only person (not figuratively) that will search for coffee packets or the new shipment if we don't have any in our kitchen. Am I the only one who reads our division assistant's emails about where she keeps the coffee in the event that she can't deliver all of them.

Also, I steal coffee from other kitchens. Apparently most of the North 3rd floor comes to our kitchen to get coffee because the 3 North (we're 3 North A) kitchen has coffee coming out their ears. Either that or we're the true addicts.

I do loves me some coffee.

Yesterday, donut day died. No more new hire donuts. The original intention was to meet the new people on their first day, share a donut or bagel with them; it eventually became a "thing we always did." In fact, all new hires spend their first weeks in Verona anyway so we rarely see them. It's sad but I completely understand. I feel bag for the announcer; she received hisses and jeers - MOST in good humor, I believe - but still. It wasn't her fault and she was right.

We still get free lunch on staff meeting days which better facilitates eating with your team or friends. Unless you're me and have meetings for 36 hours that day.

I may be getting an Xbox 360 in the next few weeks, thereby confirming that I refuse to grow up. Immaturity rocks.

Taken Friday night after seeing art with kiwikat and narcissuskisses. I can never leave well enough alone and had said I was heading home. I eventually made it to my car about 45minutes and 50 some photos later.

I just can't be trusted to a schedule when I have my camera.

Lastly - why doesn't Windows Media Player have a CD drive listing in the Media Library? Stupid. also, Stupid iTunes drops the CD if I'm playing one, switch to a different application on my second monitor and return to it. Lamesauce.

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