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Lady and the Eagle

Lady and the Eagle
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Well crap. I went adn posted all my recent photos. I have nearly none left to post.. besides this one and a photo of Ethan's foot. Damn! Now I've linked to it! it is Old News! Guess I just have to go phlogging...

Shoot, or edit the photos from chilling with C-A and E at Nitty Gritty.
God, I hate popular bars.

So. WTF, people? Where did you all come from so suddenly? I think in the last month I have doubled my friend base. I remarked on Saturday night, I believe, that for the first time in years I have friends that are cool with both doing random stuff together - like errands or movies - to just chilling at home. I don't think I've had people like that since college. It's really nice.

That a number of them are smart 'n sassy photographers/artists too kicks even more ass. ASS, I tell you.

I suppose you can say this summer has been excellent so far.

Now, just to submit photos to the State. I should be hearing about the Milwaukee show this week. I'm not currently hopeful as they have yet to cash my submission fee. Eh? More fish. More ocean etc. I think I'd prefer to show in the City.

Note to self: Look into Art fair Off The Square next year with any of a number of artists I now know.

Lastly: Fox has a guy from high school that totally wants to get with her. It's awesome and kinda funny because he's trying to be all sly. Me? I'm trying to get her to actually go to her reunion to see him.

Also, sleeping with your old high school crush while at the reunion in Mormon Land when you're both no longer Mormon? HILARIOUS!

Mmm.. Frubble. Yes, irony is a perfectly good reason for her to go see this guy for me. :)

Photo: A statue at Capitol.

This is a "subtle" HDR in that I reduced the strength to make the extra detail more subtle and even. With it stronger, the background was far to detailed and apparent and distracted from the subject. I though this photo would be better seeing only what I shot. Still, you can see all of the statue including shadowed details in the feathers and rock upon which it sits. also, the coloring is rather pretty from the HDR processing.

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