The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Sunset on the Apocalypse

My head decided to break when I got to work. I've gone from annoying headache to shooting pain in my left lobe. I think the Tylenol I took tis morning when I got up is working as it throbs a little less every few minutes. Careful application of water, coffee and scones should help. And less Excel. Fucking excel has decided that a spreadsheet I've been using to track certain data for the last year and a half is dead.

In fact, it keeps corrupting child files I use too so I can't even use them to track new data. The Excel repair functionality changes one formula on one of 37 sheets and says it's fixed. It lies. As soon as I save the sheet again, Excel crashes and I lose my data. Fucking terrible.

Anyone know any tools to fix dead/dying spreadsheets? I'd prefer not to spend half a day re-building the damn thing.

Meh. I suspect this isn't helping my headache. I'm really glad I had most of this week off.

Did you see sunset last night? I did and it looked nothing like this; sure, it was red and pretty but not exactly the Last Day On Earth sort of pretty that the HDR version presents.

I wish I really understood how the software worked rather than, seemingly, understanding what sort of input will produce excellent output. I'm not complaining, mind; I'm just not much for black boxes. Photomatix and Wikipedia each don't explain tone-mapping all that well. Maybe I should try harder to understand Cambridge in Color's website. I found it initially when I first bought my camera as I was trying to understand exposure and it helped some but is crazy technical.
Happy 3G iPhone day: iPocalypse.

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