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The Assembly Room

The Assembly Room

View Large On Black (DO IT!)
For my last day off, I went to the Capitol (again) while all the rooms were open. I shot intending to make HDR photos.

Holy. Crap. Awesome. This is what they're talking about, huh?

I burned through 400 photos in just over two hours - I had to get a new memory card because I filled my initial 2g CF card pretty quickly. Shooting 3 bracketed exposures in burst fattens your memory card what quick.

Things I learned:
I can hand-hold the exposures well enough.
Tripods are great for HDR.
Using ISO above 500 is a pretty bad idea.
Interiors convert to HDR better than exterior (in my experience so far)

Overall? WOW. Not bad for, what? My third attempt at HDR? Well, third intentional HDR attempt.
One more on black - a bit of ghosting in this, unfortunately. This is the problem with hand-holding 3 exposures. Still, so very cool.
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