The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

A day into 26 and all restraint gone.

7/6/08 - 1 day into 26
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Well.. I didn't intend on staying up to the end of my birthday - it is one in the A.M. but I started playing around with Photomatix.

And I liked it.
And I kept playing
And then I took pictures.
And played with it.
Then I bought it.
And played with it some more.

And here I am.. Shirtless at 1:30 and wondering if she'll still respect me in the morning.

Birthday party was superfuntimes. Many friends made and exchanged friends. There was a fedora-shaped cake which was awesomely tasty, excellent gifts and stupid amounts of fun with various peoples, games and the like.

We even got random shirtless guy wandering through to play a few rounds of Rock Band. He was drunk, shirtless, and incapable of not pressing buttons when asked. Hilarious.

Good stuff. Next year, we do it on the moon.
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