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Weird Body Parts Diptych

Stressed. Apparently its affecting my sleep. I'm getting sick of testing certain things at work.

Could I just stop caring about it? Then I might sleep better.

Yeah right. I have a meeting scheduled for 4 today to discuss better ways to test this wacky code that I can't test thoroughly. The code sends data to a third party application and we use the data it gets back. Of course, I can't accurately test what the system does or how it responds what with it not being ours. I can only make an educated guess which can, likely, not account for reality 100% of the time. Meh.

Sisyphus or Job? I'd like to return to Narcissus, please.

In Awesome News, Rock Band delivers today. I'm going to pick up a second guitar today so we can get bass playing too. I'm glad to see the PS2 is an open gaming mecca and that all Guitar Hero guitars work on PS2 Rock Bank. I can get the cool 80's style Kramer guitar.

Meh. Nose, meet grindstone.

Photo: Uh, I captured kiwikat's head for unknown reasons. i also had a picture of legs on the photowalk. I figure body parts would be a good diptych. Little weird but I like it.

Yeah. Carry on.
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