The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Thanks Liz.

1. Why are you working at Persons?

It's the best job on campus for the summer. It pays a decent stipend, free room and food from June on. Plus, the desk shifts are so ludicrously slow that Chris let's us do as we wish. Like watch movies on third floor, away from the desk. It's great.

2. Which is your favorite vampire clan and why?

Uh... Nosferatu, I guess. Their flaw is funny. A starting character can completely circumvent it with Obfuscate three. And Nos are always at the center of everything, regardless of who's really getting in trouble. :) Plus, I just play a damn good one, right?

3. What episode do you like the most in Kindred the Embrace and why?

The episode with te crazy evil Nos. Not because there are Nos but it's because the show finally used wolf claws the correct way. It wasn't wolf claw... fucking wolf claw. Although, apparently wolf claws can only be gotten through thaumaturgy... from a Nosferatu....

4. Just because I'm curious and I do get to ask...what was your inspiration behind Jonathan? You have probably told me this, but I don't remember.

For those confused: Jonathan Rorscharch was my badass Nos I played in LARP my sophomore year. He's the character that ousted LLiz's primogen character and earn debts from the Seneschal, Keeper and Harpy within the first three hours of his first night in game.

Uh.... I wanted a politicing, hard ass Nos. I decided as a went through it that he'd consider mortals far beneath him as well as dumb vampires, thus his sadistic, torturing side towards Pyre and his ghouls.

5. If you could only have 3 books on a deserted island, which 3 and why?

Diamond Age: This is probably one of the best sci-fi books I have ever read. It's very subtle, immensely convoluted and well written. Plus, this is the only time that Neal Stephenson actually came close to finishing a book. Usually, he ends books without resolving them very well. Cryptonomicon and Snow Crash both needed at least two more chapters.

Ender's Game: Come on. The best sci-fi book ever. I mean.. come on!

Not sure about a third. Ask me after I've read Ishmael.

6. Same as 5, only with movies. Pretend it has electricty.

Mmm... electric Island.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I have seen this movie close to 50 times and still love it good. Ni!

Something with Kevin Spacey. Probably American Beauty because that was certainly a life changing movie.

Can the third be some survival guide? Heh, how about Cast Away. It'll teach me to make fire... and bloody volley balls.

7. If you could live in any time period besides the one right now, which one and why?

Colonial times. I'd immediatly run off and join a Native American tribe. Screw america, I wanna live off the land and hunt.

Otherwise, probably end Dark Ages. I could be a knight but survive into the beginning of the renaissance. That would be cool.... shiney armor. Pining for the queen. Swords (I like swords). Chivalry. You nkow, back when people were courteous.... Well, knights were for the most part.

8. Final question that is sort of lame...what is the story behind your lj name?

When I was in high school I started to draw (barely) a comic that I published on-line. One of the characters was an amputee war vet in a black, charred bunny suit. The main character was very frightened of him, only calling him Angry Bunny Man. They were crazy. I just liked the name and concept that so much of what I do get's this tag. Like if I ever publish something or make something, it'll be Angry Bunny Studios. I still need Nathan to draw the character for me.
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