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Haven't much to say today. I'm trying desperate to finish something today. I started 4 different development logs and each was broken in tragic ways. So, I have three a bunch of junk just hanging out there. I seem to have found something that does work correctly. Huzzah.

Also, someone did something very stupid on another team that caused stupid things to happen for every application but their's. Apparently she didn't think that other applications might use the code marked "STANDARD HEADER." Idjit.

Finally got everything in order for the juried exhibition. Sending off the application CD and fee this afternoon amid thirty other errands to do before heading to Chicago tonight.

Meh. Don't want to deal with family this weekend.
You know, I remember the days when there weren't floods and tornadoes with EVERY STORM. Now, all we hear is destruction, death and devastation in all over the country with every storm. No more pleasant rain. no nice showers. All torrential down-pour and 100mph winds.

Global warming is damn expensive. Add in recession and insane energy prices and I have very little hope for a better future any time soon.


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