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Details of aging.

Details of aging.
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Last night was moocowrich, Pie, Bourbon and Top Chef finale. I thoroughly believe that everyone of you should experience at least the first three; so, go to his blog and tell him to move to Madison when he's through with Teach For America.

I also make a good Manhattan. Though I bought bourbon at 115 proof. Makes them a little harsh but that just means more cherry to soften the alcohol. Darn. :)

Otherwise, yay for Top Chef. Not my favorite but a good choice for winner.

Things be printing. Need to add more to print today, a few stragglers. I'm even finally printing photos for myself. Quelle surprise! I'll have personalized art in my office next to my certifications and creep dino bird sketch. I'll even be putting up non-generic art in the apartment too, finally. No more of that crappy art we one.

This may be the least contrasty photo I've ever posted. Photos like this remind me why I love the 50mm lens.

It was an interesting struggle fighting with this photo. I wanted to keep the detail in the hair but soften the her face. The two light color channels to accomplish this are opposed - blue for detail and red for softness. I eventually settled on masking and High Pass sharpening layers for the hair. it was a decent solution but not this best - though it didn't require piles of time with a fine brush, just a few extra hours with a broader brush and opacity tweaking.
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