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Give you a punchin'

Give you a punchin'
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Last night aliens kidnapped me and installed rebar in place of my scalenus anterior and sternocleidomastoid muscles. I am trying hard not to hunch forward because of it and stretch against it periodically. Sure, I'm all for being more human than human but this is going to make any exercise this evening uncomfortable. But, must work my muscles, yo. I took two days off this weekend and there was much bad eating.

I'm also trying hard not to tense my back, neck and shoulders. My default state is to tense pretty much all of these muscles and others. i have NO idea why. I blame living my childhood in fear that my brothers would decide to beat me up that instant. Why didn't I keep up with martial arts? Dumb.

Since I'm still a beginner with the portraiture, it was hard coming up with poses that weren't silly and overly model-y. This one did work and was fun too. Also, it is me trying to show that you can, in fact, use an ultra wide lens and have interesting portrait shots that don't distort like mad.

More to come this week. The model is picky and wants only her favorites posted even though I keep telling her she's plenty pretty and have many, many more that prove it. :)
This person has add comments to nigh the last 30 photos I uploaded and addeded them as favorites today.

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