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Wistful - thoughts on a partner.

Wistful - thoughts on a partner.

One of my very favorite shots from last week's photo shoot with medeine. I had just asked her about her family and partner and this was the look she gave me.

The best poses, most real emotions, come from memories.

More to come later assuming I'm not throttled by the model for posting this one. :) This was my first paid photo shoot. Now, to start building a studio....
Weekend otherwise:
Yesterday I did NOTHING (except for the gym). It was GLORIOUS. I didn't even bother with pants. Pants are for suckers.

Saturday was unfortunate day of Migraine but good photo shoot in the evening as evidenced above.

This week:
Blissful week of ease. I'm in training through Thursday afternoon. Friday a seminar.

Tomorrow I get art from kiwikat for monies (You looked at her sale, yes?) and work on certification projects.

Woo bonuses and slack and art and collapse. Thud.
The person next to me in training is smacking her lips while she eats a bowl of cereal. *punches*
Chew with your damn mouth closed!
We've been sitting here for an hour "reviewing" the previous classes with an exercise. Getting bored; finished it 30 minutes ago.
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