The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Couple in the rain

Couple in the rain
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Ugh. Apparently I didn't sleep even though I was, you know, asleep. I feel crap-tastic this morning. Headache. Groggy. Work faster, green tea.

The test package for big project hasn't re-compiled so i don't have any changes made yesterday. My testing has stalled. I sent a high priority fix/investigation request to the team in charge of the compiles and came in to see "I'm going home, I'll do this tomorrow" emails from them. Love that. I enjoy wasting my time during time sensitive projects.


More shots from the rain. Aperture has tis neat feature where i can stamp edits from one photo to the next. I was able to take the color, contrast and various adjustments from this photo to the above. Thus, I produce related photos with a consistent mood. And it means I can be even lazier with edits. Awesome.

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