The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Peace in the Stacks

Dear alyska,

Yes, they do look good in green.
Peace in the Stacks


Taken at the Memorial Library south stacks. It's on State Street, big building on the right at the end.

I LOVE my fisheye (4.5mm 2.8 Sigma). I put it on the floor and scooted it down a hallway.
In Aperture, I upped the contrast and definition - the former just a bit and the latter almost the whole way to 1.00. I nudged the black point up about a quarter point. Then I tinted for the cross processing colors with the color tints and a yellow monochrome. i finished with a vignette to reduce the blue in the unexposed areas and. I dunno, make it grittier.

I decided to leave the black space and place it off-center. I just liked it better than centered.
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