The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

bah. day over yet?

Tongue Piercing
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Meh. Had to get up every few hours last night because Poe decided to scratch at the food bags all night. The food bags on top of the cabinets. Even though we free feed them food so she had plenty to eat.

I am, therefore, grumpy and tired today. grr. argh.

I'm looking forward to markets and phlogging this weekend though. Using the fisheye is making me long for my ultrawide - because it isn't wide enough? Mostly, I want to play with the Aperture 2.0 features with "real" photos. I toyed with the vignetting tool a little and it was great for removing the blue hues in the black ring that come from cross processing. I'm sure it will kick ass on rectangular photos though.

The highlight recovery, black point setting and whole new enhance tool set? Oh. My. Jesus. Amazing. Really digging the highlight recovery function which will help with street when shooting aperture priority. mmm... detail.
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