The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

A poll? On a Wednesday? What gives?

I love coming to emails screaming that I'm not answering emails after 5pm. If it was so important, why didn't you call me?
Oh, because it wasn't that important. Silly.

More training today. We're getting into the interesting part of referrals and case management. Yes, I wrote "interesting" there. I think the application is kinda cool.

Mostly I'm looking forward to tasty free lunch here.

RE: photog_xp:
The community seems going well; I've subsequently heard requests for a theme every week. What do you think? Weekly themes? If this is the case, shall we soften the restriction on "One photo a day, one posted a day?"

I can handle a photography theme every week. I am robust and mighty.

Yes, I am that cool.
No, I'm not that cool. Hey, that's not a fair answer.
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