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The Piecemeal Man

The Animal Photography Experience! Day 1: Animal Fur

The Animal Photography Experience!  Day 1: Animal fur

Oh man. Worst jacket ever but great start to the Animal Photography Experience!

Fox's "Model Face" just makes it greater. Or worse? I dunno. Hilarious!

Have you joined photog_xp yet? Because all the cool people are doing it these days. Best Photog community on LJ. Truth.
PS: You should crosspost like mad to other photo communities. Hooray!

Where is a place that will always make you happy?: The roof of any house.
What song reminds you of a sad moment?: Smooth by Matchbox 20. It was popular during the worst three months of my life and on the radio every six seconds.
Are you happy? Sad? Mad?: Uh? Not?
Do you think you will ever get married?: I don't know and don't really care.
If so, to who?: Probably Fox mostly for tax and insurance purposes.
What holiday makes you feel warm?: Halloween.
Are you depressed?: I'll have a martini, thanks.
Do you think you are attractive?: No, I don't.
Does anyone else?: That's what they say.
Who in your life makes you smile the most?: Fox.
Are you insecure?: In some things.
Do you have any kids?: NO.
Can you keep a secret?: Yes.
Are you a fake person?: I hope not.
What is the most romantic thing you have done for someone?: Is that really for me to say?
What is the most cruel thing you have done or said to someone?: Spend an entire night insulting, jeering and cajoling someone.. who absolutely didn't realize it.
Do you have respect?: As in do people respect me or do I respect things?.
Are you a mentor?: At work, yes. Elsewise, not officially I think.
Who is your role model?: I don't know what these are for really. I stive to be a better person more than be like someone else.
Do you strive for happiness?: No. I search for inner worth and drive which makes for longer lasting happiness.
Does it come natural?: Does what come natural? Be specific, jerkface.
Are you trustworthy?: Yes.
Have you ever cheated?: On a test? Yes. On someone, never.
Do you think that you are a good BF/GF?: Probably not. I get too comfortable to be good at attending to someone else.
Do you think young people are getting married too quick?: Young people? I am young people. But, it really depends on the couple.
What is your opinion on gay marriage?: Marriage is stupid and should be politicized as it is.
Do you think war will stop?: No, i think it's just going to get worse from here on out as we have fewer and fewer resources.
How would you promote a non violent world?: By shooting everyone else?
What are your feelings on guns?: Does anyone really need anything more than a hunting rifle? Meat shouldn't be swiss cheese, human meat or otherwise.
Knives?: Good for throwing, whittling, carving, stabbing.
Can anyone make you laugh?: Yes.
What is the one thing you will not let anyone know about yourself?: Well, if I told then I wouldn't be keeping it, would I?
Do you keep it real?: What the hell does this even mean?!
Do you cry for no reason?: Nope.
Do you have to have revenge?: No. I'd rather just remove the person from my life.
What is your sweetest revenge?: Nothing
Is there someone you can totally confide to?: Yes. I'm not sure why I don't more.
DO you think they are trustworthy?: Yes.
You love your family?: Indeed.
What would you do without them?: Keep on truckin'.
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