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Heartfelt Guitarist

Heartfelt Guitarist
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I fear I'm slouching ever closer to "digital artist" as I manipulate my photos is fairly dramatic fashion. I've not gotten to the point of gross alteration - except in one photo of cunningminx where I removed a clear-plastic drink and straw from the foreground, which required re-building her arm - but I'm starting to paint directly on photos in Photoshop.

Take this one for example. See that upper left corner? Yeah. It was white when I started. I was all, "I think that white corner distracts from his face and guitar. IMA Remove It!" So I did. Would anyone really have noticed? not really... it's just there taunting me, saying "You're not a photographer anymore." And I'm thinking, "does it really matter?" I've got it in my head that not everyone can be a photographer but everyone can be a digital artist. I have NO IDEA where this belief came from.

Probably because I still really want to be an actual hand-to-paper artists. But, you know, no skill. No fine motor control.

Sure, it's all rather ridiculous. Still. I'm CRAZY strange.

Bah, I say. The photo looks dramatically better without that white, yo.

Post script. ralinad: That sharpening technique you recommended is the bee's knee's. Hard to get just right though, fo sho'.

Post-post script. No house for now. We're gonna sit on it for a few months. I stand to earn a substantial amount of money in the next six months with certification bonuses and re-allocated savings structures. We would have had to settle just past "too much" for me to be OK with the house we'd build. We'll see in six months? that's still enough time to build and move by the end of our lease.

Post Post-script script.

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