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Face in Twilight

Face in Twilight

More in the before/after series. Substantial edits to this one. I focused on the lighting pretty much exclusively because I like what it did to her face naturally, made it glow. I figured I could accentuate that nicely.

What I did on Potochop:
Duplicate the base layer and set the master opacity to multiple.
I masked her face mostly out - I just wanted to darken the rest of the photo.
Then I added gaussian blur filter at 8px to the layer.
Duplicate the duplicated layer. This I'll use to add the faint glow.
So, upped the brightness to like +87.
Then deleted the copied layer mask and added a new on set. Dumped black paint on the layer mask to remove the whole thing. Then I very, very lightly masked in her face on the uber-blur layer.
Then I copied the base layer and burned the hell out of everything on the left part of the photo. I didn't want the shapes to be so distinct.
Flatten the layers. Set the bit-depth to 8 and added variation adjustments. I'm not sure the exact clicks but lots of yellows in the midtone and blue in the shadow.
Lastly, I added a very light bronze photo filter (opacity of 70) layer to warm it up.
Et, voila.

Face in Twilight - Before
More Before/After photos
Taken in Green Bay, Wi. Wonder who she was; she's cute.
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