The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

The Green Photography Experience! Day Seven: An Emerald Fire

An Emerald Fire

THe last few Photography Experiences, my last photos have been spectacular. I wish I could produce that quality daily, yo.

I ran into jackshoegazer and antarcticlust today and totally forgot to introduce myself iwth my real name. Um.. duh? Sorry for the bad, manners guys. Next time we'll actually have to plan a meetup so I can prove I'm not such a jerk - though I may play one in TV.

Photoshop ate my battery. Oh noes..
<laptop dies> Silly busy coffee shop.
Ahah! Jump to Michaelangelo's and I find power!

How I did the above mojo:
1. I shifted the white balance towards green (In Aperture). I find that Aperture does a much finer job with color shifting than Photoshop - it adjusts the correct range of colors rather than single hues.
2. In Photoshop, duplicated the layer and set the dup to "multiply" in the layer palette.
3. Added a layer mask and painted down the inside of the MMoCA so it wasn't so dark.
4. Cross processed with my normal process (minus the last yellow color layer):
5. Flatten the layers. Set bit depth to 8 (next tool doesn't work at 16 in CS2) Image> adjustments> variations. (If you've never used this tool, you're missing out on so much.)
6. Set saturation slider to lowest. Add yellow to the midtones, two clicks yellow to the highlights, one click green too. Add blue and green to the shadows - one click each.
7. Upload and go.
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