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I got me some-a them tacos.

mmm. Tacos.

So.... I'm 21. I distinctly remember really looking forward to being 21 when I was like 16. I think maybe the whole impact is less when I've already taken advantage of the 21 age bracket, albeit illegally. I suppose that when I actually buy some booze I may fully realize that I have most certainly crossed the threshold of child to adult. The only thing that is now with held from me is running for national office, though that doesn't mean much considering that many of those in office act more like children than I. In fact, our esteemed GW probably doesn't understand the grammar of the sentence preceding (that means before, Prez) this. So, as far as many are concerned I am now absolutely and forever more a full-fledged adult.

The actual day was decent. Iris and Diana tricked me into going to T3. I was going to be nice and not subject them to it but they brought in on themselves. Actually though, the movie was pretty freaking good. I really was blown away. I wasn't really expecting much but damn, it was fun. Iris even liked it and she hates movies like that. My Dad bought my gift like two hours prior to the day though. Kinda funny, but he's lazy so eh. He still loves me.

The fallout from the day is still lingering what with the sack of cash my Dad gave me on top of the new hard drive. Only now is my Dad Spend-o-Rama meter running low, after buying many meals (including the now fewer tacos before me), a bunch of video games, and the first season of Futurama. Last purchase will probably be a new power supply to run the extras in my computer since I first got it (hard drive, graphics cards [1 now, soon to be 2] cd drives).

I'm running two monitors now too. It's so luscious I catch myself just staring at it occasionally (jk). But, if all goes well, Steve may jinx my BIOS (if I don't beat him to it) to get more cards and, therefore, more monitors. I've renamed it Navi.

So things are pretty damn good. My Dad never ceases to amaze me with his generosity, though tis will probably be the last year of gifts at all but the most major holidays. I'll just remember he's paying for college and be plenty happy.

Finally finished that damn paper... all 5 pages of it. Sigh... so much procrastination for 5 pages. At least I'm getting it in before it's going to be due. And with this done, I'm half way through the next one. I'm so glad that I worked my special project such that I write one paper and all the rest of the "papers" after that are really just extensions of that one; each successive paper from tihs point only really adding three pages to it. Plus, those three pages aren't thought intensive really... just logical progressions.. step writing. Damn, tis project is slick.

I wish I can say something more deep, more interesting but my life is just so good right now that I have no lingering depression that leads to good creative writing. Eh, both good and bad.

Played Wario Ware Inc (have a GBA player for my Cube). Oh god.. so good... I can't stand how good it is. If you know nothing, I don't care... Fucking play the game.

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