The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Go Carts across the Universe

Some nifty person asked for more abstract photography and I thought of that at the go cart range today. So, stop down the aperture and long exposure equals streaky goodness.

I'll gather links later. So exhausted.

Day six:
nyxx_j: Revive
jinxedkisses: Kiwi
jackshoegazer: Over the river and through the woods
rianwyn: Mint Julep
madtownmichelle: Choices
lipsoflove: Drinkin' Green
bizarre: I Like Pens, especially Green Ones
lady_fox: Giant Paws!
nightlikeariver: Arizona Roll
nathan_lounge: Greens

Day five:
tandu: L'il Green Goblin
jinxedkisses: Unwanted Literature
jackshoegazer: Green jacket in convex mirror
slavetopurple: Grass is always greener
nathan_lounge: Cream of Broccoli Soup
suibhne_gielt: The Shed in back of the Bates Motel
nyxx_j: Bottom's Up
bizarre: Booger
natural_path: Clever Girl
nightlikeariver: Friday
rianwyn: Lunch

Day four:
nathan_lounge: Green stuff?
bizarre: Green Mesmerize
nyxx_j: Taking a Fence
rianwyn: A Morning's Work
jackshoegazer: Her Majesty Eva.
madtownmichelle: New Life
lipsoflove: Green Everywhere
sasha_feather: UW Dairy Barn
suibhne_gielt: Green Tea
lady_fox: Deer in the Green
jinxedkisses: Chocolate Mint
slavetopurple: Boobies!!
nightlikeariver: More boobies! :)

Day three:
lipsoflove: On My Skin
bizarre: Ring
nyxx_j: Push my buttons
jackshoegazer: Shiva Nataraja and Jade
nightlikeariver: Green Restaurant
sasha_feather: Happy Feet
madtownmichelle: First Ride.
jinxedkisses: Fallen Saint
suibhne_gielt: New Life Among Old
kirashiro: Something green
natural_path: Freshness!
lady_fox: Solitaire
nathan_lounge: ABM wins the cucumber battle
tandu: Pointy McStabStab
slavetopurple Green Eyed Monster
rianwyn: Green Panties

Day two:
lipsoflove: Mad Hatter
madtownmichelle: Roses - mod
slightly_ornery: A Mossy Entrance
nyxx_j: Pick a color, any color
slavetopurple: Green Sleeves
tandu: Green in Red with Shamrock
bizarre: Untitled
suibhne_geilt: Vital Equipment
piwacket: Brown is Green Too
rianwyn: Woodmere
sasha_feather: Stock Pavillion
lady_fox: See Me Through The Green
nightlikeariver: Bench!
jinxedkisses: Hens and Chicks
nathan_lounge: Food Porn
jackshoegazer: ATM
natural_path: Door
kirashiro: Green Ice

Day one:
nathan_lounge: Green Food Concoction
tandu: Orange is not green...
lady_fox: False Greenery
nyxx_j: "Green" because I'm boring with titles (blah blah blah, ABM didn't look right blah blah blah
slavetopurple: Green around the Gills
nightlikeariver: Kitty!
sasha_feather: Journal
jackshoegazer: In Der Taxi
rianwyn: Library Dragon
jinxedkisses: Socks!
suibhne_geilt: Green Room
natural_path: Bud
madtownmichelle: Tellurian

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