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We'll have to move into this first....

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I didn't flinch when our home guy offered prices ranges for our preferred floor plan and land in Heather Glen. I didn't flinch but I may have had a few small heart attacks. We'll see what the mortgage guy says next week. I'm less optimistic now though hopeful given what he said. We may be able to work it out with some of Veridian's Super Secret Mortgage Plans, that and my father has offered to help with some unspecified contribution/loan for the down payment.

I'm hoping that with the former, the latter will be a pittance if anything at all. I don't want Dad's money, but damned if I won't have some if it means saving a few hundred dollars a month. But, bah to wanting to borrow from him. Stupid money. Stupid independence.

This week has me down for unknown reasons. Likely the doomed feeling regarding my body comp test tonight and the whirlwind drop into reality of housing.

At least stinky girl wasn't stinky yesterday.
Back to review for me. Let's see if I can finish this certification by Wednesday of next week.

  1. Whirlpool tub
    - They have an awesome corner tub in stock
  2. Raised counters (we measured and they'd need to be 43 inches tall)
    - We're very, very tall.
  3. Fireplace
    - Our own little Coffee Shop. :)
  4. Built in shelving with fireplace
    - Built in so it matches the rest of the interior wood.
  5. Upgraded carpet
    - an extra 75c for extra padding and better carpet? Hell yeah.
  6. Deck vs. patio vs nothing
  7. Tall pour foundation
    - Depending on home site, they can pour a tall foundation so your basement has windows and 8ft ceilings. That means extra bed/living space in the basement. Better resale value. :)
  8. Corian vs laminate
    - Corian is only... 4 times as expensive as laminate....
  9. Hard wood vs laminate floors
  10. Gas stove
    - mmm... hot.
  11. Custom paint in rooms
  12. Framing rooms in basement
  13. Additional windows

There's no way we're getting all of this in our currently unspecific budget but he can estimate costs for us easily. He'll be getting us all the costs for these for three different floor plans one two sites in Heather Glen. Nifty.

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