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Silly thoghts due to "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs"

So, a band that is a tribute band aspires to be, as much as possible, the band they emulate. If they get popular, they become popular not for who they are but whom they emulate. Does this lessen their popularity because they don't really exist? THat is, "they" as individual people are non existent because they strive to be someone completely different and tribute bands don't get popular for being themselves.

So... what happens with a tribute band to a tribute band. They emulate the emulation with the quirks inseparable to the first tribute band. So, if the second tribute band gets famous it's for being even better and not being themselves; rather, they are famous for emulating and emulation - perchance flawed to begin with (where did it begin?) So, does this second band even exist?

I'd say that if all three bands met the world would implode....

Viked (with much savagness) from whosplittheatom
Jesus thinks you're a lazy shit. Even if He wanted
to hang out with you (which He doesn't) He
knows that He'd have to come over to your
house, which probably smells funny. It's too
bad Jesus is omniscient and can find his own
weed connection, Cause that's about all you
have going for you.

What does Jesus think of you?
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My Jesus can eat your Jesus.

No, I'm not right
in the head.

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