The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Weird Angle Photography Experience! - Comin' ta get ya.

Comin' ta get ya.
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Playing with skewed angles and motion with my ultra wide zoom lens.

Day 6:
slavetopurple: I can has cuddles?
nyxx_j: Sweet Portal
jackshoegazer: A view from the floor
sasha_feather: Volumetric Flask
rianwyn: Keyboard
Day 5:
suibhne_gielt: Biopsy Aftermath
nyxx_j: Awaiting Espresso
madisonmassage: Staircase
rianwyn: Thicker than water
jinxedkisses: Eat You!
jackshoegazer: Eat your heart out, David Blaine
bizarre: Assfingersface
nightlikeariver: Hydrant
slavetopurple: Surrealism in motion

Day 4:
nyxx_j: Lamp
jackshoegazer: Surge of Green
rianwyn: Lamp Guts
jinxedkisses: Wind spinner.
retardedhusky: Rock Band!
suibhne_gielt: Snaggle Tooth
sasha_feather: What are you doing up there?
bizarre: Rock Band Geetar
slavetopurple: Daily Dose

Day 3:
jackshoegazer: Down the Bookshelf
sasha_feather: Water glass & Watch
retardedhusky: Tetris Building.
slavetopurple: I Quit
suibhne_gielt: Off-ramp
rianwyn: The Stack
nyxx_j: Door Handle
jinxedkisses: Bottles
bizarre: ARC Hidden Hallway

Day two:
suidhne_geilt: Nostril goo!
retardedhusky: Lines A-go-go
slavetopurple: Throw Pillows of Doom
rianwyn: Toolbox
nyxx_j: Finial
jinxedkisses: Necklace
sasha_feather: Dessicators
jackshoegazer: Bike Path
bizarre: Photo of stuff!

Day one:
nyxx_j: Grandfather Clock
suibhne_geilt: Laundry Day
jinxedkisses: Incense through Lampshade
rianwyn: Stair Banister
sasha_feather: No Dogs!
slavetopurple: Toilet Guard Dog
retardedhusky: Beloit Airport Hangar
nightlikeariver: Various photos
tandu: Tellus Mater
bizarre: Nostril Goo
jackshoegazer: Jackunconventionalgazer
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