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Weird Angle Reject 2

Weird Angle Reject 2
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Spikey hair in this picture.

We had a productivity speaker today the company brought in. It was interesting. He spent an hour meeting and talking to 30 people on stage he grabbed out of the audience. Both a massive waste of time and a powerful demonstration of utility and interest of asking five simple questions to everyone you meet.
    Questions (in order, actually):
  1. Where are you from originally?
  2. What brought you here? or Have you lived here all your life? (depends on answer to #1.
  3. Do you have a family?
  4. What do you do?
  5. What did you want to be when you grow up?

Simple right? But when was the last time you asked what someone wanted to be growing up? And when was the lat time you didn't start a conversation with "What do you do?"

You can learn a ton from someone with these. I think it's pretty awesome.

Also, the company is buying copies of "How to make friends and influence people" for all attendees. The speaker says he read the book every month for 5 years to really understand it and internalize it; he made it the cornerstone of his presentations and recommended that we, with any book really, take the time adn effort to really learn a book. Find one that we really like and that resonates with us and actually live it.

An interesting concept.

So... I guess you can say I rather enjoyed said seminar.
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