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Weird Angle Photography Experience - Library in Shadows

Library in Shadows
Originally uploaded by ABMann
Day 4!

Ashman Library, my preferred branch of the Madison Library System. They have an opaque lettered window with their name in it. With the AMAZING SUNSHINE today, I caught a shot of it shadowed inside the entryway.

Day 4:
nyxx_j: Lamp
jackshoegazer: Surge of Green
rianwyn: Lamp Guts
jinxedkisses: Wind spinner.
retardedhusky: Rock Band!
suibhne_gielt: Snaggle Tooth
sasha_feather: What are you doing up there?
bizarre: Rock Band Geetar
slavetopurple: Daily Dose

Day 3:
jackshoegazer: Down the Bookshelf
sasha_feather: Water glass & Watch
retardedhusky: Tetris Building.
slavetopurple: I Quit
suibhne_gielt: Off-ramp
rianwyn: The Stack
nyxx_j: Door Handle
jinxedkisses: Bottles
bizarre: ARC Hidden Hallway

Day two:
suidhne_geilt: Nostril goo!
retardedhusky: Lines A-go-go
slavetopurple: Throw Pillows of Doom
rianwyn: Toolbox
nyxx_j: Finial
jinxedkisses: Necklace
sasha_feather: Dessicators
jackshoegazer: Bike Path
bizarre: Photo of stuff!

Day one:
nyxx_j: Grandfather Clock
suibhne_geilt: Laundry Day
jinxedkisses: Incense through Lampshade
rianwyn: Stair Banister
sasha_feather: No Dogs!
slavetopurple: Toilet Guard Dog
retardedhusky: Beloit Airport Hangar
nightlikeariver: Various photos
tandu: Tellus Mater
bizarre: Nostril Goo
jackshoegazer: Jackunconventionalgazer

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