The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Choosing pictures unposted that have nothing to do with my entry: a complex about boring entries.

Overture Center Stage
Originally uploaded by ABMann
I've already learned about soil strength, dirt harvesting and foundation easement/cracking.

What have you done today? :P

Again, slept terribly last night. Woke numerous times with cats pinning me down. Flailed impotently at their massive girth and snored myself back to sleep.
I wonder if the flannel sheets - which eat cart hair for breakfast - are inflaming my allergies while I sleep. Maybe changing the sheets will help. Or at least keep me cooler with 50 pounds of cat sleeping on me every night.
Other stuff:
Universal Solar Charger

I now know what it would cost to zero out my electricity use in solar paneling. It's actually not that bad and something I would seriously consider once established good equity in a house. Up-front cost kind of sucks, but the long term and re-sale value of a solar house is HUGE.

I also like the idea of MGE paying me for powering the grid. One day, you too could be using My Bunnyman's Patented Solarizefied Batteramgery PowerTM!

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