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A duo of street signs in yellow

For this week's Photography Experience!

So, the first I just snapped randomly walking by. I wish I can say I saw what the sign even was. I just though "Oh, there's a guy walking by the orange sign in an orange shirt, let's see if I can get it from the hip.

Note that the guy isn't even in frame.

Second, I literally climbed up the street sign to get. Again, didn't see the yellow reflection from below it and was on the wrong side of it snapping shots without trying to fall to get it. :)

I liked both of them enough to put them together as seen. Woo!

The first is on Johnson Street where it bends north. The second is on the East Loop around the capitol square.

In other news, could I please not have this headache anymore? Makin' me nauseated.

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