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Brandishing a carbon rod.

Things I now know (in no particular order):

Sapporo, the Japanese beer, is fucking terrible. It's tastes like fish. Seriously. I think they flavor it with salmon roe.

My Madison friends from beloit are very intelligent. So much so it reminds me that am, in fact, not very intelligent - at least not that much any more.

I want to have a place on the web that is mine. It wants to have a logo, something that everyone recognizes as mine.

My writing comes and goes much like tides, but my creativity is rarely gone - just different.

My Mother will forgive all my indescretions. And help me get a better camera.

My stomach, no matter what I tell it, will only accept sushi when it wants.

My body wants/likes equilibrium. I am very good at mantaining weight, but losing it is difficult and slow.

People I admire, want to know, want to like me, etc. force me to become a different person. usually, this gets me to better myself.

I can still play the trumpet - but I keep trying late at night when people are sleeping.

I try too hard to impress people I barely know.

I don't try hard enough to impress myself.

I am very good sticking to a schedule for a few weeks. Then it needs to change or I get bored.

I write or want to write constantly now - thus proving I am a writer at heart.

I will read if I have a stack of books nearby and cshedule time to read.

Photography is very fun but I am still learning.

I learned this, in retrospect, from earthdotprime:
Everything has photographic (I read this as "artistic") potential.

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