The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

Nasty, Big, Pointy Teeth

Dear forecast snow this weekend,

Eat a dick.


So! What to do tis weekend, outside of revile the potential snow? lady_fox is out of town this weekend so I have zero obligations - she tends to be the social hub or our wacky duo.

I know I don't want to stay at home. Otherwise I'll end up running the roomba endlessly just to have something to talk to.

(Yes, I talk to the roomba. Shut up.)

Anything neat happening? Anyone want to hang? DDR weekend? Naked fun-time weekend? naked fun-time DDR weekend? :D The Daily Page has no picks for tis weekend. Apparently the city is rebelling the snow. :C

I am exceedingly smiley-oriented today.

In other news, Fox and I are both excited about potential house. We picked our favorite styles and have a list of amenities we absolutely would love to have from Veridian. They include, but are not limited to:
  • Large soaking tub
  • Loft for an office.
  • Fireplace in living area
  • Stone facing outside
  • Victorian roof and exterior styling
    A number of out favorite house styles have options that include uber-huge whirlpool tubs in the owner's suite. We can't seem to find an option that includes all of the above. It seems it's an OR proposition for the loft and huge tub. Were I pressed, I'd ditch the loft in favor of the tub because a big enough tub means relaxing for two or more people in a whirlpool with candles and music and, well, you know.

    Also, one or two of the houses have awesome Victorian style exterior. Yay!

    We're off to the design studio tomorrow to explore stuff in general. I think we're looking to buy the size house we want with the mentioned amenities. It will likely be better and cheaper to fore go extras like wood flooring and granite counters to keep cost down. Plus, I'd love to install that stuff later myself. Overall, I think it easier, more rewarding and better overall to buy a size house I prefer so we don't get the itch to upgrade size-wise. Additions are difficult but new tile is entirely possible, you see. I can lay tile. I don't think I can construct an addition.

    The one though that sticks with me, keeps cropping up as I consider owning a home: I can plant cherry trees and Japanese cherry blossom trees. I've always wanted cherries (zone 5) and cherry blossoms (zone 4) and they can survive in Wisconsin (Zone 4/5). That concept makes me really, really happy.

    Oh! I can grow weeping willow maybe too! I would love to have a weeping willow in my back yard. They're perfect for reading!

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