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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
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abmann From: abmann Date: April 7th, 2008 02:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
I think I don't consider house debt as a problem, at least not like my credit card debt which I'm using expressly to BUILD credit to buy a house. As is, it's money I need to spend in some way to have shelter so, whatever. Credit card debit is stupid debt that I wouldn't be spending otherwise.

I think our ceiling is 250. That gets to be about 1500 a month with taxes amortized into the payment. That's assuming we use both our incomes for the loan.

What I really want to do is ensure that I can handle the mortgage payment on my own were we to buy a house which likely reduces the upper limit significantly. Fox, unfortunately, has had unstable jobs in the past which makes me frightened of getting a loan that requires her income. I'd be much happier if I could pay for it all on my own in case of disaster.

This may make things harder in general. :) Some days I think I should trust everything a little more than I do. Which is to say I should trust something at all rather than completely distrusting everything that isn't me or my brain.
52 comments or Leave a comment