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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
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bizarre From: bizarre Date: April 7th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC) (Link)
P.S. since we went with their sister company, Interlink, for their special financing Veridian paid the closing costs.

and they are reasonable priced because they are buying land in large chunks, building nice neighborhoods, and they manufacture the majority of the house in their warehouses, drive it out to the site and assemble it. There are a limited number of plans and many of the 'parts' can be used on multiple homes.

The pricing is for staying within the basic levels that they have set aside. There are upgrades available at a higher cost (such as granite counter tops and the like).

But even the 'basics' have tons of stuff to choose from.

All Ian and I needed to do was choose carpeting and window treatments and we were overwhelmed with all of the choices available to us. I dread to think what it would have been like if we built from the ground up instead of getting one of the model homes :D
abmann From: abmann Date: April 7th, 2008 02:57 am (UTC) (Link)
I think my tastes currently out-price my ability to pay. I would love to get granite counters and cherry wood in the kitchen and bamboo flooring in the study. I don't suspect I can afford those sort of upgrades.

It seems like using Interlink is the way to go.
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