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Fox and I spend the weekend thinking houses: location, build, costs, financing, etc. We never thought we'd really find one with the amenities that we'd want in a location we want. But we still wandered around looking at places nigh all of Saturday.

As is, Fox and I make pretty darn good money but I fail to understand how everything adds up. First, I refuse to do this "buy up" bull. I don't like the starter home concept where you build equity, sell and get a bigger house. I'd much prefer to go straight for the single-family house with like 2 or 3 bedroom right away. I don't want to deal with this stuff multiple times, let alone settle for something less than I"d prefer.

So, that personal complication aside, I quizzed bizarre on how the whole money stuff works as she and assfingers recently bought. Her deal seems reasonable and, without details, seems like entirely reasonable costs for the sort of house they bought (based on descriptions). And then she dropped the Veridian Homes bomb.

Are you people familiar with these people? They build houses with your requested options. You choose everything - siding, fixtures, deck, fireplace... inset granite counter tops with stained hickory cabinets, not to get specific or anything. And I'm confused. How exactly can this sort of customization be affordable?

Poking through their website, their places are nothing buy affordable. I looked at some pretty ridiculous 4 bedrooms with nifty features that I could theoretically buy. The hell? This cannot be.

So, I Google them. I get nothing but lists of awards, corporate philosophy goals and scruples, and any number of satisfied people. No bad news, no "OMG My house fell down!" anywhere. Everyone loves these people.

And how the hell can a house that sells for 275k have monthly payments of less than 1500 with only 5% down payment? This cannot be real. They're lying to me.

Can't be true. Nope. Not possible that I could get a fireplace and study with inset shelving painted in that burgundy I like. Or have a soaking tub and central air.


Anyone familiar? Is there something I'm missing like having to pay through the nose in closing costs or for the specific lot they build on?
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