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The Month of October (In capitals) is my power month. It is the time when I most feel like myself or at least the person that I prefer to be. It is the time just before the world hibernates, becomes a powder keg of natural might. It is moment before death, the time at the end of life when we are all searching for a legacy to bestow upon the world. At least, that's what I would like to beleive - legacy creation (or searching).

This is why I am creative, which is odd given the deadening of the life spirit - the hibernation. Either I'm a misplaced gothic hero - or the crinkle of leaves, colors of change, and the skeletal remains of my tree brethren (I consider myself, if not an active druid a druid at heart) instils in me a powerful preservative force. I'd like some metaphor here that explans what I want to say symbolically, but I can only think of horrid things like formaldehyd rather than a creative power that tries to capture the falling moments.

My own personal prophet, a Man Called Enoch (and to a lesser extent The Bizarre Mexican Mario), equated my internal spirital force to the God, similar to elk in Native medicine. If this is true, I do not understand why I get such a strong creative energy when everything around me is dying. On September 21st (Day of the Aspen or Mabon Sabbat), the God in pagan tradition dies, insofar as deities ever really die. It's marked by the last harvest and the symbolic tears of the Goddess who has lost her mate.

Upon death the God is supposed to transform into the Holly King, which is where i think my creattivity comes from - unless transporation to the underworld is a rip-roaring good time. Or, according to some Pagans, the Holly King disembowling the Oak King is what get's me creatively hard. I'm unsure but I do think that the Holly King, a preservative any way you look at it is the right mojo for me in October. He is learning, knowledge and understanding - a more reflective state. That doesn't really fit, though, does it? Learning is an internal process rather than some thing expressive. Elk medicine tells me the same thing, which can be equated to God in many ways.

The two "traditions" (stop lauging, adsartha) don't really hold water in this instance. The Viking in me really wants to believe that the clash between Holly and Oak explains it. I get a serious jolt out of the expected war and that gets me - like Hommer retelling the war for Troy. This makes so much more sense, to the point where spiritual imagery continues to be completely personal. God, religion seems so oddball when any dogma only works half the time.

I wonder if Enoch or Mario would tell me different things if they spoke on these topics with me at different times of the year?

Want to know waht I really think? I think I am a viking: this viking...

Spirit - she is a strange machine.
And yes, I am a marvel super villain.

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