The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man

SP2E Day Four - Applebees Handicap Stall

Taken at the Applebees in Deer Park, Tx. The light was awesome and moody in the bathroom so.. I, uh, enhanced it a bit...

I may have edited this photo a little...

Day four photos:
jackshoegazer: Cargo Coffee
bizarre: ARC, Lower Level.

Day three photos:
jinxedkisses: YMCA
bizarre: Joey's Seafood and Grill
jackshoegazer: MATC, 6th floor
abmann: Hampton Inn Restaurant
hawksley: Red Robin - Monona

Day two:
bizarre: 1st floor PSC
jackshoegazer: Dane County Airport
jinxedkisses: Tumble Weed
abmann: DFW, near A24
hawksley: Four Cheese Pizza

Day one:
jinxedkisses: Sports Pub
jackshoegazer: Lakeside Fibers & The Washington Hotel Coffee Room.
ohsochewy: Wisconsin Union Theater
bizarre: ARC first floor
abmann: Overture Center for the Arts
hawksley: Speedway, Verona wi.
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