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Five Guys

Five Guys
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Five Guys Burger and Fries on State Street. If you haven't been yet you're really missing out. And you should all go there right now and order fries. So good. Fresh. Nyamammaaam <drooool>

The menu is very simple. Burger with bacon and/or cheese - large or small. Hot dog the same. Fries. All toppings free - mayo, relish, onion (grilled or raw), mustard, hot sauce and more.

They are cooked so well. So very, very well. In fact, they make the both the fries and burgers and dogs on the spot. Real meat and potatoes. I cannot describe how happy that makes me, to eat a real potato fry!

The lady friend and I shared the large fry; I had the "small" bcon cheeseburger and she a cheese hot dog. It was too much because they pack the bottom of the bag with more fries to keep everything warm. Awesome and genius. This is a chain with good policy and simple food; I can get behind them.

Yeah, we're going there again. More photos later!
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