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We moved furniture today. It started out as shredding old documents but the shedder got jammed and we had to slowly empty the canister. 'Twas an all-over-the-floor-empty-it sort of jam.'

In the process of cleaning up the paper poop we asked the doomed question, "I wonder what the couch would look on that wall." Some swearing, heavy lifting and a few electric shocks later we have a living room again.

The lounge chair is back in here where before it was in the bedroom.

Yeah, so we have to fix the bedroom now too.

Shredding documents spiraled out of control to reorganizing two rooms. This is the sort of people we are.
What the hell is wrong with us?

Edit: 11:09.
Ok, so bedroom didn't work in the intended configuration; we moved it back. Now we have a long space to fill against the window.

I'm thinking a writing desk for me to work at when I work from home or whatever. A work-type space of my own would be nice. Fox has.. um... overtaken the other desk we have.

The hard part will be finding an Asian inspired desk that is long, thin, black and not stoopid expensive.

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