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Nope. No. Uh, nooo...

Nope. No. Uh, nooo...
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Nothing has happened since the last nothing happened. I may be caught in the retarded version of The Neverending Story. Damn you, Zombie Michael Ende!

In randomly good news, I'm putting on muscle quickly as of late. In particular, I've upped the resistance on the elliptical 100% and added squats and hip abduction; my legs are building quickly and my glutes are becoming nicely firm. :D Still, having trouble with body fat. A was overeating (I'm certain now) those first few weeks so I gained a large amount of both muscle and fat quickly given the strength increase I saw along with general size gains. Now, I'm eating what feels like a reasonable amount of food 5 times a day with lots of protein.

Work is at a lull so I'm hitting application camps to fill time along with more trips and other side projects not directly applicable to my job description. Because of said application camps, I will likely receive bonuses enough to buy a Nikon D300 by my birthday which would/will kick ass.

Taking names to proceed as follows:

That is all. (yeah right, I'll be back)
Camera geekery: Digital Rolleiflex Camera. Cute. It's 3 inches tall.
Oh dear lord I wish I could start every wednesday with a chiropractic appointment. I feel SO much better. When my lower back is out, I become bloated. I already feel less bloated; I wonder if it is psychosomatic.

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