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Permanently Pressed

Permanently Pressed
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Quickly now between metings on my Day O' Meetings:
  • To you new people: I post FREQUENTLY and often with PICTURES. Fair warning. This has, in the past, annoyed people. I've given up worrying about it because you can, you know, not read me. :)
  • 8 hours of meetings today? Is that right?
  • Free lunch at least because of it. And an excuse t hang on the Verona campus, including ease of checking out management books to read from our TL liberry.
  • I used to be productive on the third Monday's of the month. I can't recall what that was like.
  • Well, the new diet isn't working quite right. I have gained strength which is good but I have added bulk (fat). So, I'm reducing my calories per meal by a few hundred. Trying to rough it in at 300 to 400 per and eat fewer carbs and less fat (I guess less GOOD fat as I stopped eating bad fats pretty much). Fewer peanuts which is sad.
  • I need a camera bag. My Awesome Bag of Awesomeness +2 hurts after a day of wandering. I may listen to ralinad because he is, like, my camera deity and try the LowePro Slignshot
  • Body World is way less grotesque than I expected. And more weird. Making muscles into a runner's wind streaks? Seriously?
  • Met yet more awesome people yesterday in Milwaukee. One of them was German. How many Germans have you met recently?

    Well. hat wasn't really "quick" so much as "laboriously long-winded." Bullet points? A mockery!
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