The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
The Piecemeal Man



They said the rapture would be glamorous, like the night sky dancing on
sequins. "They" being the Neo-Christian Collective, who's sweeping blows absorbed most of the North American Commune shortly after Congress ate the constitution while molesting small children - that last bit is probably a lie (but we all know that Cheney must have had some interesting proclivities). When Russia was pushed out of the Nuclear Arms talks between the US and Korea, Russia ran to Iran; then the missiles came.

From the remnants of Chicago (billions of tons of steel and bone dust), the NCC, lead by a remarkably fit Jerry Falwell, built the Rapture(TM). A giant city armed with NeoChrists bear depleted uranium crucifixes is not what the writers of the Bible wanted. Falwell, replete in body armor is not the Second Coming. This is not glamorous....

Fires consume what is left, an idyllic nightmare created only in the wet dreams of the kings on industry flecking out dust and broken bones. Non NCCers run from the fire or throw themselves under the Christ Machine as it spouts "My Father, who art in Heaven..." in a dirge bereft of. When the options are convert, convert, or convert (probably spelled with K's) and listen to that day in and day out while living on the Rapture(TM), it would seem that being crushed under a billion tons of recycled steel ain't so bad.

Overseer (c) Will Ringland 2004
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