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What? No Trifecta?

I like photography. I'm not especially good at it, but you don't need manual dexterity to pull it off. As hard as I try I seem unable to cultivate drawing skills - though I'll keep trying. For now, I got it into my head a few images that would be nifty. Also, a few lines of text popped into my head as each was being composed (egad! passive voice!).

I felt the pictures (images? art?) were better if you knew what was going on in my head as i set each up. You know, to make the experience more like you interacting with me rather than scratching your heads like monkies.

So it may be moderately like madolan's webcomic week filtched inspired by A Softer World.

This has nothing to do with monkies.

This one might have to do with monkies... it's funnier of it does.

You are all monkies.
So say I

I get lost in photoshop and turn to the TV. Know what I see? Boobies.
Life = good with sleep/food/normal working hours (Sorry madolan You should beat up Shaun's commie army to make you feel better. Or hug the platypus. He's Spikey! You decided which.)
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