The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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The Un-Comfy Chair

The Un-Comfy Chair
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So, I made it to Springfield fine and managed the first day of support just fine. My users are all great, exhuberant and smart. And women; I've never worked with men. Weird.

But, we had no issues we couldn't work around except the idiotic help desk. They refused to 1: believe me when I reported issues and 2: fix small issues in a timely fashion. THe former pissed me off and wasted more time leading to the latter which became Big Problems at the EoD process. Oy. We got things "straightened out" in that everything is explained and people with more security than any of us had will be able to fix it when it errors out somewhere down the line. You know, down the cline when claims or bills go out so the clinic will either lose out on or wait extra long for money.


I want to explain my hotel room to you but I... I just can't do it justice. See that couch? Yeah. Everything else in the room clashes in such a ghetto-50's Tropicana style. I love it. It would be perfect with shag.

Oh. I found a camera repair shop and an antiques shop in the same block. I think that means old cameras. :)
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