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Self portrait

Self portrait
Originally uploaded by ABMann - now with autonomy!

Ok. I dislike coffee addiction. Well, dislike one side effect; the rest are manageable through constant espresso drinks and depressants to prevent heart explosion. I dislike that it's hard to get out of bed for lack of stimulants. i must develop a special Caffeine Injection Alarmulotran that wakes me with 3CCs dilute caffeine every morning. Nothing like a racing heart to start your day.

I think I need to reassert my mental dominance and punish my body in the morning. I suspect tomorrow I'm going to crack down and give in by setting my Alarm for 5:30 and forcing myself up and to the gym immediately. My best line of offense for continued fat loss and better days in general is getting my tired, pudgy ass on the treadmill at Crack O'Clock ante meridiem. I hear that morning exercise can as much as double the calories you burn in a day; burning a few thousand more calories would be nummy like cake, but with less icing and more not-eating-of-cake.

This eating habit change is working well. I feel better for more of the day and have more energy. I think i fit better in my pants but would have to get a outside opinion. Anyone want in my pants to check? :)

I've decided I don't dislike work. I dislike monotony. I'm much happier as of late - note above as contributing factor - and have been completing varied tasks. During The Crunch I get one task, really, which is test dev log after dev log over and over. Now I'm working on personal projects, planning the next year of development for the application, and insinuating QA projects into the mess because my developers need to work Harder (Faster, Longer!). Plus, I have trips coming up.

Texas! I'll be in Houston from 3/31 to 4/3, staying at a ridiculously nice Hilton near the hospital I'm supporting it seems. I should visit my brother; that could be nifty. I should also get one of the Texas Longhorn Steaks I hear so much about.

Lastly, how is it that Apple can code so beautifully for OS x but they fail miserably when coding for Windows? Their software updater is nigh the WORST resource hog I deal with on my workstation; it constantly interrupts what I'm doing to by grabbing the cursor focus. I HATE that.

Photo notes: I'd not taken a decent self-portrait in weeks, never cross processed my portrait and haven't shaved in two weeks. Obviously it was the perfect convergence of Things last night that led above photo. I think it turned out well.

I tweaked the exposure in Aperture and white balance. In Photoshop, I busted out the cross processing curves, multiply masking layers and burned edges. Then back to Aperture to adjust the crop. Pretty much my standard treatment of photos these days.

I'm going to try very hard not to buy the new MacBook Pro line with multi-touch track pad....

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