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I'm excedingly grateful that I de-iced my car yesterday morning. Today I only had to scrape the windshield and driver's side windows. It was wonderful. Well, up to the drive bit which was slow travel; safe, I suspect, but slow. It took about 25 minutes to get to the Verona campus when normally I can do it in 10. Eh? I'm parked underground and will likely slough more ice and snow because of it. Good stuff.

So... I'm in Missouri next month, Texas the following and Ohio in May. I like that I'm like the only person in the company certified in our Health Information Management (Paper chart tracking) application because I can predict fairly accurately where I'll be stationed when I sign up for go-lives.

rianwyn: Don't you live in Cincinnati now? I'll probably be out there 5/3 to 5/17. We should get dinner and I can prove to you that we've met and had classes together.

Right. Gotta be productive today. I'm out all Wednesday for a seminar. Woo, learning.
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