The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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Sunday coffee

Sunday coffee
Originally uploaded by ABMann - now with autonomy!
Picture from Regular Sunday Coffee last week. I'm still figuring out how to cross process in Aperture. It doesn't look as good as what I can get in Photoshop yet. I may not be able to use a single application for my photos.

I have discovered what I hate most about manual cameras. The film roll. I took a a number of, I believe, fantastic photos today but I can't show them to you; they're just suspended in silver particles right now, you see. And I haven't finished the rolls so I can't develop them. Bah! I know there's at least ONE photo that is just great. Just really perfect.

Sigh. I should have brought my digital today.

I'm still not entirely certain why I love shooting film when it drives me nuts and why I dislike digital as much as I do. Maybe it's that I have to do all the processing after for digital. With film I drop a roll and get a suprise the next day.

Course, with film, =if I want to do anything bigger - like show anyone not in my immediate vicinity - I have to scan and process. Hmm... it's actually an extra step.

Bah! I say, bah! I need a Photo Monkey to do this work for me.
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