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Oy! I left feedback for the company I ordered new cookware from. The shipment was slow and fairly loosely packed such that the content shifted in transit. Nothing was damaged so I gave them a 3 star rating for "fair" which, in my mind means "fine" or "Okay."

I've subsequently gotten two phone calls and a voice mail from the company. They want to refund my money or some such because it "is very damaging to [my] company." Um.. 3 stars is damaging? Why? As greedy as I can be, I see no reason for a refund even if the packaged arrived slowly - which I ultimately don't care about.

Scratch that. TWO voicemails. He said that I ordered on Jan 30 and it shipped on the 31st so the issues weren't his. Ok, fine. I'm going to continue ignoring these calls adn see if they leave another. if so, I'll send an email to the seller and be all, "Dude! calm down!"

Otherwise, day two of "having a morning" succeeded. I even ate a healthy breakfast of an egg and green beans. I did, however, forget my lunch AGAIN. I must resist Noodles because I am weak for their cookies. I've had way too much sugar in the last week, thankyouverymuch.

Dear iTunes,
Please rip audio books faster and stop crapping out. It shouldn't take three tries to rip 1 CD.

Um.. THREE phone calls and, I'm guessing, another voicemail.

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