The Piecemeal Man (abmann) wrote,
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You tear down my reason

You tear down my reason
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I think I need to move to the UK; I've gathered a couple new watchers to my Flickr account in the last few weeks all from Scotland or England. I suspect the universe is telling me again to considering fleeing the country etc etc. Well, maybe I just want it but I'm looking for a more compelling reason to go; fans of my photography notwithstanding, I think I need better incentive.

Maybe I should, perchance, look for said incentives. Funny that you don't find anything like that when you're not seeking it.

Today was curious. I attempted to have a morning. I forced myself to slow down and relax into my day. The most notable effect was a calmer drive to work where I didn't grumble or silently curse the Very Stupid Drivers I encountered in the snow - yet more snow - who insisted on swerving into my lane after gunning it on ice. I let it slide today. If this is the most obvious benefit, that's worth it entirely as most of my stress comes from surliness at bad drivers.

I also enjoyed some NPR, to which I actively listened; a cup of good coffee I made myself; a purring and insistent cat who shut up when given lap space. The only issues I have with the morning is that I have to use my clock radio for NPR unless I turn on my media center which I don't necessarily wish to do. Using my clock radio means I must change the volume to hear it outside the bed room which means I changed the volume for my alarm as well so tomorrow I"ll likely be blasted awake instead of gently wakened by my alarm. I think I need to setup an alarm on the NPR feed so it turns itself on and off. That would be cool, automating my life like that. Very Matrix without the pills.... or Johnny Mnemonic without the whining.... or Time Cop without the Van Damme buns-o-steel.

I am lazy in the morning. I need my mornings to work for me.
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