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Tilt-shift catwalk

Tilt-shift catwalk
Originally uploaded by ABMann - now with autonomy!
I stayed home today feeling off kilter and generally crap-tastic. I'm vaguely glad I did when I don't feel guilty.

I have been fairly productive at least. Dishes, a bit more laundry, exercise, photographic experimentation - evidence apparent - and lots and lots of The West Wing. Golly gee, I hearts this show. Yeah, and giant piles of sleep. Got out of bed around 11 which was sorely needed. I even checked in at work and it's dead today.

So, this photo I'm playing with "tilt-shift" effects. Tilt shift is mostly seen in medium format when you literally tilt the lens on the end of the bellows to bend the focal plane. It creates a really neat model-like effect in the photo and looks really neat on aerial photography. You can also do this with a lensbaby for SLRs too and produces a very similar effect.

I, however, don't own a Lensbaby and can't actually use the 1st and 2nd generation; I believe based on how it is described and not experience, mind. The 3rd has a locking mechanism so you can take a hand off it to, say, trigger the shutter. I think I'd like to play around with one at some point.

However, I DO have Photoshop and am quite good with it. You can mimic the tilt-shift effect in Photoshop of course and draw out select details to make it even cooler stuff. You can, for example, make every thing look insanely plastic and very fake when it it actually real. I think I like the above photo with the tilt-shift effect in place.

Go here for a similar shot without the tilt-shift

And I was meme tagged:

    List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
    Tag seven people to do the same.

  1. I can't relax in chaotic space, like in a room I own that desperately needs vacuuming.
  2. I hate using telephones because I might not sound organized and researched.
  3. I forget to put out knives when setting a table because I can't use them.
  4. I sleep naked because, if I don't, I will inevitable wake with my pants wrapped around my head.
  5. I prefer doing chores when no one is around or I can't relax; otherwise I feel like I'm being judged or you're too lazy to help.
  6. I have to define a space as home for something otherwise it is clutter.
  7. It wasn't until I started photography that I could allow things to be asymmetrical and not look out of place.

There. Seven items, many of which will convince everyone I have OCD.
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Lastly... I may have bought a used copy of White Wolf's Adventure! game.

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