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Portrait of a Young Man as The Artist
Frozen pork feet
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rokkitz From: rokkitz Date: October 10th, 2004 03:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
funny you say that, i attempted a redesign today but the options are sorely limited for a free user. i can't get the colouring right, the styles lack the comprehensive info i want, etc... but it's true: who will look at it but me?

I like my ideas publicized. People should see what I'm doing. It makes me feel accomplished and spurs their own ideas

again, i want the same. sure, i write for me, but my whole style has evolved over the last 2 years of lj to entertain my imaginary audience. i can't help but feel a little overlooked when i write a "brilliant" omnigraph and there are no comments. and i don't expect my friends to comment all the time either. i should be posting to more community spaces, but my experience with that is that people are OVERLY CRITICAL. pointing out your hairy knuckles and what's under your nails, more than looking at where your hand is pointing. but critical perspective is not to be had in bubble-world. i need constructive criticism or for my subject to be addressed, but i can't devote much time to repsonses and defense. i don't want to feel harried for my writing, this is not a peer-reviewed journal. i don't want to have to one-up commentators. but i want some reaction. how's that for indecision?

i need a publicist.

Me out there makes you think. You thinking gets stuff out there that I see. Then I think some more. It's great cycle that only helps me more.

ah, my favourite: the bootstrap method. in my "real-life" circles, i was deeply inspired by the art and imagination in my spiritual community spaces (OMies and BLAers) and through that inspiration, because of my peculiar math/sci edu-tainment bent, i became interested in increasing the resolution of that inspiration by giving those same artists new conceptual tools with which to improve their own work. it all seems to be working ;o) if all we can do is inspire each other, well, that's not such a bad run of things!
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