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Frozen pork feet

I want to redo the style of my LJ. I know how, but I cannot design one I like. At least on that incorporates my
personality, the important bits of my writing and beliefs and not have it ugly or busy. As it is recently, my spirital growth rate has increased. Rather, I'm starting to understand where my ideas are going. You've read those recent entries so have some idea where I'm going. Honestly? Those posts were more a tool for me figuring things out. I'm not saying I'm going to worship Quarks, just that there is Spirit in the machine.

So, I play in photoshop. I make images and generally poke and prod my computer until it feels like a piece of meat. I'm sorry baby, but you got what I need. I just don't know what I need. Plus, I'm the only one that would see the changes really. We all just look at our own friends pages 90% of the time. I like my ideas publicized. People should see what I'm doing. It makes me feel accomplished and spurs their own ideas

Publicized is incorrect (for now). Public is better. Me out there makes you think. You thinking gets stuff out there that I see. Then I think some more. It's great cycle that only helps me more. Take a look at abstractthought and 29comments. That was hella fun and I nearly broke 30 comments - easily a milestone for me. I like that, even if it did feel like a constant attack. I need to learn that sort of humility anyway. I believe questingfalcon pointed that out.

He may have been more right than I'd like to admit.

How many entries this weekend? I'm a shut in :( when my creativity is overflowing. I'm looking forward to work. It's an excellent outlet - however we have a late work night scheduled wednesday. Maybe I'll leave early friday.

For those that are even remotely curious:
Scheduled Dr appointment - sort of. They'll call me tomorrow. Bronchitis getting much worse.
Couch shows up tomorrow. My ass is rejoicing. I can't keep it still.
annan_dum shows up friday.
No couch potato weekend to celebrate the couch. Sad, but that friend is the cat's meow.

Meet my computer's new background image.

Circuit Catcher (c) Will Ringland 2004
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